Ruined by Lynn Nottage

Henley Street Theatre, Richmond Shakespeare, and the African American Repertory Theatre of Virginia, in association with the International Foundation for PsychoSocial Wellness and the Virginia Holocaust Museum will present a theatrical reading of Lynn Nottage's Pulitzer Prize winning drama Ruined. Set in a small mining town in Democratic Republic of Congo, this powerful play follows Mama Nadi, a shrewd businesswoman in a land torn apart by civil war. But is she protecting or profiting by the women she shelters? How far will she go to survive? Can a price be placed on a “ruined” human life?

Cast of Ruined:

Patricia Alli, Jay Banks, Vinnie Gonzalez, Raad James, Rakeem Laws, Katrinah Carol Lewis, Thomas Nowlin, Iman Shabazz, Shalandis Wheeler Smith, Naomi Vickers, and Kellita Wooten.

"A rain forest bar and brothel in the brutally war-torn Congo is the setting for Lynn Nottage’s extraordinary new play...Inspired by interviews she conducted in Africa with Congo refugees, Nottage has crafted an engrossing and uncommonly human story with humor and song served alongside its postcolonial and feminist politics in the rich theatrical tradition of Bertolt Brecht’s Mother Courage."

The reading will be followed by refreshments and a talkback. Tickets are now available through Henley Street Theatre



Saturday, April 12, 2014 -
7:00pm to 9:00pm