Oral Histories

The Oral History Archive contains over 230 digitized testimonies from people who witnessed genocide firsthand.  Housed in the Carole Weinstein Holocaust Research Library, the oral history collection attempts to provide the personal stories of people who settled in the Commonwealth of Virginia and experienced a mass atrocity.  

The Virginia Holocaust Museum started collecting testimony in 1997 and has continued without pause.  While the original focus was on survivors and liberators of the Holocaust, it has recently expanded to include other instances of genocide as well.  

At present, the Oral History Archive includes testimony from:

  • Armenian Survivors
  • Holocaust Survivors
  • Holocaust Liberators
  • Holocaust Partisans & Resistance Fighters
  • Cambodian Survivors
  • Rwandan Survivors

The VHM also serves as a regional depository for the USC Shoah Foundation


You can find a small number of clips by visiting our Vimeo channel.  These are only a few of the hundreds of oral histories we have recorded over the years.  If you are interested in viewing an oral history from the VHM collection contact Timothy Hensley to schedule an appointment.

On-Going Efforts

We are actively seeking survivors and witnesses to genocide or other mass atrocities and would welcome any information about those who might be interested in recording an interview with us.  If you know of someone who should be interviewed for the collection please contact Timothy Hensley.