Acceptance Suitcases

Through a generous contribution from the Memorial Foundation for Children and Mr. Morton Thalheimer in memory of his cousin Lisa Thalheimer the Virginia Holocaust Museum offers the Acceptance Suitcase Book Loaner Program. Available to classroom teachers at no charge, the Acceptance Suitcases provide classroom sets of books on a variety of topics. For a list of books included in each Suitcase see attached. Please contact Megan Ferenczy, Director of Education, for more information.

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Acceptance Suitcases

Learning the Lessons of the Holocaust (Middle School)

The Learning the Lessons of the Holocaust Acceptance Suitcase targets the Standards of Learning in U.S. History II and supports Virginia House Bill 2409 passed by the General Assembly in 2009. A class set of Friedrich, by Hans Peter Richter is included in the Suitcase; Friedrich is an historically accurate novel which focuses on the friendship of two German boys and their families from 1925 to 1942. A Unit plan, available electronically, supports included resources for teachers, and a variety of Read Alouds such as Hitler Youth and Izzy’s Fire, the story of the family whose young son became the director of the Virginia Holocaust Museum.  Lesson plans for this suitcase are available on the Educational Resources page.  

Learning the Lessons of the Holocaust Through Graphic Novels (High School, Middle School)

Students whose focus is art, students who are reluctant readers, or students with a passion for comic books find graphic novels very accessible. An alternative way to teach history, Magneto Testament by Pak and DiGiandiomenico is the story of an X-Man a victim of the Holocaust. The Suitcase includes a variety of books whose message and characteristics will feed the imagination of students. Teacher resource and support material and lesson plans are available electronically. 

Learning the Lessons of the Holocaust (High School)

Survival in Auschwitz by Holocaust survivor Primo Levi is the focus of this Acceptance Suitcase. High school students often read Night by Elie Wiesel, this books offers teachers another non-fiction work and the Suitcase includes a variety of support materials.

Learning the Lessons of Genocide (Middle and High School)

This Acceptance Suitcase is an evolving project due to the recent publication of a variety of modern genocide books whose target audience is middle and high school students.  

Examining the Perpetrator in Today’s Classroom (Middle and High school)

The newest Acceptance Suitcase includes two sets of classroom books, The Reveals (appropriate for grades 6 and up) and Scrawl (appropriate for grades 9-12). Both books focus on the actions of classroom bullies and the effects their actions have on their classmates. This new Suitcase is an ongoing project and support books will change over time.

Learning the Lessons of the Holocaust Through Teaching Acceptance (Fifth Grade)

Some school systems now include the study of WWII and the Holocaust as part of the 5th grade curriculum. This Acceptance Suitcase revolves around Danger On My Doorstep by Linda Schubert and is appropriate for younger students. Lesson plans for this suitcase are available on our Educational Resources page.  

Civil Rights (Fourth grade)

Losing, or never receiving, ones Civil Rights connects the Holocaust to the American Civil Rights Movement. This Acceptance Suitcase includes a classroom set of Iggie’s House by Judy Blume. Included in the Suitcase are a variety of Read Alouds, including Henry’s Freedom Box, Horton Hears a Who and Fourth Grade Rats. Lesson plans, available on our Educational Resources page, focus on the attributes of leadership and the Americans who demonstrated the kind of leaders we want our students to become.